Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

by Josh Martin

     When it comes to devoted loyalty to the ECWA, no one more than manager E. S. Easton has given as much to the promotion. Most fans know him as the diabolical master mind and genius behind many ECWA superstars over the years and that's the part we all get to see. Very few know of Easton's other contributions to the ECWA. He works many hours a month helping in the promotion of the events and is always involved somewhere in the production and morale of the group. He started on ECWA-TV and the ring crew, then progressed to be one of the main players on the roster and behind the scenes. I had the opportunity to pose several questions to ECWA's managerial mastermind, E. S. Easton. I hope you enjoy.

Ring Name? E. S. Easton

Height? 5' 9"

Weight? 205 lbs

Character hails from? Beverly Hills

Birthdate? (month & day) November 29

Years Pro? 9

Notable ECWA feuds? Cheetah Master, Freak Nastty, Glen Osbourne

Favorite ECWA wrestlers you have managed?  I have nothing but praises about anyone that I've managed.. I mean, I took most of their money!!  But the ones that stuck out the most in my mind....I very briefly managed Mr. Ooh La La--he was such a great mentor to me, and still is to this day. Mike Kruel was also a great pleasure to work with.
Favorite ECWA opponents to manage against? 
Cheetah--love him or hate him, there is an intensity in the air when he's around!
How long have you been in wrestling? Over 10 years

What made you want to get into wrestling? I was a fan of pro wrestling since I was 4. It was really a no brainer. Jim Kettner provided me with the outlet to do so. I don't know if he'll ever truly know how grateful I truly am for the experience and the opportunity to be apart of the ECWA family.

Where did you train?  Wrestle Tech

When did you join the ECWA? January 1997

How did you joining the ECWA come about? I was a college intern at Suburban Cable (Comcast before it was Comcast). I met these two guys that worked there and were working on this local wrestling TV show. I was such a HUGE wrestling fan, I started talking wrestling with them, and they asked me to help out with the show, eventually asking me to do color commentary on the program. The "TV show" just happened to be the ECWA. That is how I met Jim and Lance Diamond. I went on to become part of the ring crew before joining Wrestle Tech. I debuted as a manager on the summer show that Jim brought in The Headbangers and Jim Cornette

What do you like about the ECWA? It's different from the big time. It's a family oriented show with consistency. And the locker room is a family.

What do you think about the ECWA fans? In character, I despise the fans...they are rotten to the core, and I wish they would all just disappear, especially all of those stupid kids. Out of character, I love the fans of the ECWA and they need to know how important they are.

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? There are many. Most of my fondest ECWA memories involve Jeff Peterson. The other that stand out would be Mr. Ooh La La falling through the podium and rolling off the stage at the anniversary party. I will NEVER forget that!!!

How did the E. S. Easton character come about? E. S. Easton started as "The Movie Mogul" and then became "the Maker of Stars". After that, there really wasn't a moniker. It was just E. S. Easton.

What is the E. S. Easton character all about? E. S. Easton is a businessman whose only interest is E. S. Easton.. A manipulative, lying, cheat of a businessman who will stop at nothing to make sure that his men win their matches. He also makes sure that he gets his percentage of their earnings, which is usually 70%. He hates everyone, including himself. A snazzy dresser!!

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? Not what it once was.

Favorite Food? Sushi and Italian food

Favorite music? Rock/Blues

Favorite band/artist? The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite sports team? The Philadelphia Phillies

Favorite athlete? Mike Schmidt

Favorite wrestlers? Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard, Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana, Don Muraco, Greg Valentine, Gino Hernandez, Dick Murdock , Mozart Fontaine, Dusty Rhodes, Curt Hennig

Favorite TV shows? The Three Stooges, Any Norman Lear show, Sanford and Son, and American Idol

Favorite movies? Goodfellas, Munich, True Romance, Trading Places

Favorite actor(s)? Gary Oldman, Geoffrey Rush, Robert DeNiro

Favorite actress? Jamie Lee Curtis

What sports do you like to watch? I casually watch all sports, baseball being my favorite.

What sports do you like to play? Run, shoot hoops with friends, used to play baseball.

What hobbies do you have? I'm actually great in the kitchen, and have considered going back to school to become a chef.

What do you do in your spare time? I cook and enjoy a good book

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? I'm a jewelry salesmen

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Hiro Matsuda and Jim Cornette

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? My personal goals are simple.. live life to it's fullest. As far as wrestling goes, this is it .I have zero aspirations of going anywhere else. THIS is my big time. Once the ECWA closes it doors, E. S. Easton walks away from wrestling.