Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

by Josh Martin
Brian Soscia, ©ECWA, East Coast Wrestling Association

     Brian Soscia is 1/3 of the famous ECWA trio known as "The Chick Magnets". He along with partners Mike Tobin and Mozart Fontaine, have taken the ECWA by storm. Each of the "Chick Magnets" brings something unique to the team. Brian is the showboat of the trio. His arrogant entrances to his wrestling ability make him one of the top performers in the ECWA. I had an opportunity to pose sever questions to Brian Soscia. I hope you enjoy.

Ring Name? Brian Soscia

Height? 5' 11"

Weight? 190

Character hails from? The Hamptons

Birthdate? (month & day) April 16

Years Pro? 5 1/2

Trained by? I have been fortunate enough to learn some very knowledgeable people. To name a few Mike Keehner, Don E. Allen, Maverick and Rapid Fire Maldonado

Where did you train? I started at a place called Hawkins Gym in Port Richmond, Pa. after that shut down I bounced around for a bit until I started working with The Cruel School in Boyertown,Pa. which also shut down a few years ago.

Style of wrestling? It depends on who I am in the ring with. I make sure to always cheat though.

Favorite moves? Neck breaker, "Moonwalk" Elbow, Tear Drop Suplex, Flying Head Scissors(yet to break this out in an ECWA ring but when I do beware!)

Finishing moves? "The Magnet-izer" (heart-attack with a double clothesline) and sometime I'll use the "Pull O' the Tights"

Notable ECWA feuds? The O.C. Boyz and Ace Darling, Japanese Poolboy

Favorite ECWA opponents? I have pretty much enjoyed working with all the opponents I have had in ECWA...It's always a fun time. If I had to pick a few though...I liked working with Ace Darling and the O.C. Boyz.

How long have you been in wrestling? 5 - 1/2 years

What made you want to get into wrestling? I have loved professional wrestling since I was a very young. I watched it with my friends and my Grandfather. I always knew that I HAD to get in the ring or be involved in the wrestling business in some way.

When did you join the ECWA? I joined the ECWA in July of 2004.

How did you joining the ECWA come about? I had been attending ECWA shows for a long time as a fan. Even as a fan I knew that the ECWA was a very respected fed. When I started actually wrestling on the independents I learned even more about ECWA's reputation within the wrestling business. I continued coming to ECWA shows and tried to talk to Jim whenever possible. I then decided to give Jim a tape and ask him what I needed to do in order to work for ECWA. We talked a few times and I would always come away from those conversations wanting to work for Jim even more. I knew that I could have a blast working in front of the ECWA crowd and I really thought that I had something to offer. Jim got me booked on a show in Wind Gap, Pa. and invited me to a wrestling clinic in Boston. Then he invited me to wrestle on his shows. It was a great feeling!

What do you like about the ECWA? Well it starts with professionalism. ECWA is top notch. They very are organized and ALWAYS put on a good show. I also really like the locker room atmosphere. All too many times people tend to worry about themselves however,in ECWA all we want to do is put on a good show. Everyone respects everyone else. It is like a big family.

What do you think about the ECWA fans? They will never leave me alone...especially the women...I love the fact that they hate The Chick Magnets because they know we know we're good and we won't let them forget it..We always have fun showing off in front of them.

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? These are in no order...1. The day I debuted in ECWA. I had been wrestling on shows for other federations but it was always a goal of mine to be able to work here in the ECWA. 2.The day Jim called me and asked if I wanted to work on WWE TV. It made me feel good that he thought enough of me to send me up there. 3.Every time I walk through the curtain with Tobin, Fontaine and Hightower! I love working with those guys. They are cool guys in the ring and out of the ring. We are like 3 brothers from different mothers...

How did your "Chick Magnet" character come about? Before I had worked for ECWA I was wrestling on the independent scene as "Mark Smart". Jim had told me that I should come up with a character idea and that I could just use my name, Brian Soscia. Now, I think that I can be a creative fella, but I was having a really hard time coming up with something. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but couldn't put anything together. Then one day Jim called me and said I have an idea for you...."The Chick Magnets", he described it and I loved it from day one. He paired us together and basically with The Magnets you have 3 guys that just happened to click really well.

What is your "Chick Magnet" character all about? Well firstly, I don't think that the Chick Magnets are characters. This is our life style. It's simple, chicks dig us. As for my character as an individual part of the trio....I am an arrogant , self-loving gigolo. I think that every chick in the crowd should be gushing over me...and they usually do...right?? When they don't it annoys me and makes me take that frustration out on my opponents. The ECWA fans will tell you I can act a little cowardly at times...but don't believe them..

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? I have been a wrestling fan my entire life and chances are very very good that I will NEVER stop being one. I love W.W.E. but I think they are in some need of competition to get their creative juices flowing. With TNA's recent TV deal and some of the talent they are using they MAYBE the guys to provide that competition.

Favorite Food? Seafood, Chicken and Italian food

Favorite music? Rock

Favorite band/artist? KISS, David Lee Roth, Frank Sinatra (The Original "Chick Magnet")

Favorite color? Red

Favorite sports team? Hard question...I think my second favorite would be the Philadelphia Eagles....As for my first favorite...that would be everyone else...

Favorite athlete? Vitali Klitschko

Favorite wrestlers? H.B.K., Christian, Brian Pillman, Marty Jannetty, Mr. Perfect, El Dandy, Big Bully Busick, The Mulkeys..I have so many favorites for so many different reasons it is hard to narrow them down.

Favorite TV shows? Any Pro Wrestling related Program, Entourage (it's like the Chick Magnets reality show), The Shield, King of Queens Family Guy,The A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard and Sledge Hammer

Favorite movies? A Bronx Tale, every Rocky Movie

Favorite actor? Sylvester Stallone , Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage

Favorite actress? Leah Remini from the T.V show King of Queens!

What sports do you like to watch? I like boxing alot, Baseball is cool, Hockey is fun to go to live and basketball has its moments as well. I don't watch tons of sports though. For me, I mostly watch wrestling.

What sports do you like to play? I don't really play many sports anymore. Growing up I played every sport I could get into.

What hobbies do you have? I used to collect baseball cards, but now I collect women's phone numbers. I also enjoy listening to music.

What do you do in your spare time? Watch wrestling tapes and try to learn more. I also like to relax when possible.

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? I work in radio and I also do some announcing.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? My Grandfather who has watched wrestling with me ever since I can remember and my friends who grew up watching wrestling with me and still throw me an idea or 2 every now and again. Some of them even went onto getting involved in the wrestling biz to a certain extent.

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? Professional: I want to keep having fun and take this Chick Magnet team as far as it can possibly go with Tobin,Fountaine and Hightower. I would also like to work for W.W.E. again in some way shape or form.

Personally: Very simple....I want to be a good person. I want people to know me as a guy with respect and a good head on his shoulders.