Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

by Josh Martin

     Bryan Logan joined the ECWA in February 2005 as part of the ECWA/Chaotic Wrestling Talent Exchange Program. During that time he has been teaming with his brother, Matt. The Logan Brothers have remained at the top of the ECWA Tag Team scene since their arrival. Bryan who hails from Lowell, Massachusetts is the older of the two brothers. He rarely wrestles in the singles division, but in 2006 he broke away from the tag team scene and earned a spot in the prestigious ECWA Super 8 Tournament where he had a great match against Milano Collection A.T.

     Bryan excels in the squared circle, whether it be tag team or singles competition. He keeps himself in excellent physical condition and didn't even let a broken wrist keep him from competing during the first part of 2006. He is a true ring technician who can blend technical, aerial and brawling styles at any time against any given opponent. The fans of the ECWA are solidly behind this young man and he never fails to entertain them. We here in the ECWA have seen great things from this young performer and we are looking forward to seeing even greater things from him in the months and years ahead. I had the opportunity to pose several questions to Bryan Logan. I hope you enjoy.

Ring Name? Bryan Logan

Height? 6' 0"

Weight? 215

Character hails from? Lowell, MA

Birthdate? (month & day) 10/18

Years Pro? 4

Trained by? Killer Kowalski, Mike Hollow, Jim Mcarthy (Dukes Dalton)

Where did you train? Chaotic Training Center in North Andover MA

Style of wrestling? Technical, aerial, double team

Favorite moves? Top Rope Leg Drop, Modified T-Bone suplex, Pump Kick

Finishing moves? wheelbarrow-diamond cutter

Notable ECWA feuds? Chick Magnets, Valedictorians

Favorite ECWA opponents? Valedictorians, Chick Magnets

How long have you been in wrestling? 4 years

What made you want to get into wrestling? My brothers and I have watched wrestling since I can remember and shared the same dream of one day becoming professional wrestlers.

When did you join the ECWA? Our first match was against the Chick Magnets in February of '05

How did you joining the ECWA come about? Chaotic Wrestling and the ECWA had a talent exchange early last year.

What do you like about the ECWA? The ECWA is one of, if not the, most respected promotions in all of independent wrestling. I enjoy the overall environment of the ECWA locker room, fellow wrestlers, the staff, and most importantly, the ecwa fans. Just to be a part of the ECWA is both an honor and pleasure.

What do you think about the ECWA fans? The ECWA fans are like none other that i have seen. They really appreciate what we put in front of them and always show their support, and more importantly always come back for more. They are some of the most die hard fans out there and my favorite crowd to wrestle in front of.

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? A few different occasions quickly come to mind. My very favorite moment came when I won a one night 6-man tournament to earn a spot in the Super 8 tournament. Being a part of this years Super 8 is my biggest accomplishment in my 4 years of wrestling. Another favorite memory would be wrestling side by side by side w my brothers in our first ECWA 6-man against the Chick Magnets. Being in the ring with Matt and Nick is my favorite part of professional wrestling.

What is the Bryan Logan character all about? The character is exactly what Matt and I really are in real life. Were just two brothers from Lowell,MA who wrestle together as one. Our gimmick is that we are always on the same page, move fluidly together, and know each other in and out of the ring better than any other tag team out there. I know where hes gonna be and what hes thinking at all times which works to our advantage. We use our quick tags and double team moves to beat our opponents.

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? Professional wrestling seems to be on the rise again. For awhile it seemed to be slumping. Especially now with TNA, thats competition for the WWE and ECW which makes things interesting and a reason to fight to be considered the best promotion.

Favorite Food? I love Grilled chicken and any kind of steak. You need peppers and onions too.

Favorite music? Classic rock

Favorite band/artist? Tom Petty, Sublime, Steve Miller Band

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite sports team? Boston Red Sox

Favorite athlete? Trot Nixon, Kurt Angle

Favorite wrestlers? Shawn Michaels, Hiro Matsuda, AJ Styles, Mr. Perfect, Samoa Joe

Favorite TV shows? Senifeld, Family Guy, South Park, Fear Factor,Ultimate Fighter

Favorite movies? Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Sin City, Dumb and Dumber

Favorite actor? Dave Chappelle, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton

Favorite actress? Angelina Jolie

What sports do you like to watch? I watch baseball, football, and Hockey. In that order.

What sports do you like to play? I played every sport growing up. I was always an athlete. I always excelled at baseball. Now I really only have time for weightlifting and wrestling.

What hobbies do you have? I enjoy Weightlifting, wrestling training. I like to play darts. Im also a big concert goer as well.

What do you do in your spare time? I'm always hanging out w my friends. When I'm not with them I spend most of my time between wrestling and weightlifting.

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? I do shipping for a home lingerie company.

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? My ultimate goal is to wrestle full time for TNA. I want to be able to one day make a living off of what I love to do.