Superstar Spotlight

A monthly in depth look at the ECWA performers by Josh Martin

by Josh Martin
Aden Chambers

     He came to the ECWA in July 2004 and was an instant hit. O.C. Boy, Aden Chambers, had been a wrestling success on the West Coast and was now here on the East Coast to prove to the fans that he had what it took to compete in the ECWA. This young superstar captured the hearts and minds of all the ECWA fans and quickly became a favorite to watch. He is full of energy which shows with his every performance. Over the past two years he has climbed the ladder of success in the ECWA and gets better with every match. He has a ring persona and a genuine personality that plays to wrestling fans of all ages. He is also well respected by his peers in the locker room. This young performer has a very bright future ahead of him in the wrestling business and is destined to wear some kind of ECWA gold in the future. I had the opportunity to pose several questions to this talented young man. I hope you enjoy.

Ring Name? Aden Chambers

Height? 6'

Weight? 180lbs.

Character hails from? Orange County, CA

Birthdate? (month & day) November 15

Years Pro? 5

Trained by? Mark Shrader, Ace Darling

Where did you train? Bonebreakers

Style of wrestling? high flying/mat wrestling mix

Favorite moves? springboard clothesline, moonsault

Finishing moves? Surf's Down Piledriver

Notable ECWA feuds? The Valedictorians, The Chick Magnets

Favorite ECWA opponents? while I hate to admit it, the Valedictorians offer a great challenge, and Andrew Ryker, I wrestled him in my very first match in ECWA, and he can get in the ring and go which is always fun to do with someone with the talent he has.

How long have you been in wrestling? just about 5 years now.

What made you want to get into wrestling? I saw a live event in my hometown back when I was about 5, and I I owe him a large debt of gratitude.. and Jim agreed to meet with me and talk about joining the ECWA. So with legendary iced tea in hand we decided the OC Boy could make a big impact on the scene in ECWA so I took the ball Jim gave me and ran!

When did you join the ECWA? July 2004

How did you joining the ECWA come about? My main trainer, Mark Shrader, took it upon himself to call Jim Kettner and ask him if he would take a look at me and to which I owe him a large debt of gratitude.. and Jim agreed to meet with me and talk about joining the ECWA. So with legendary iced tea in hand we decided the OC Boy could make a big impact on the scene in ECWA so I took the ball Jim gave me and ran!

What do you like about the ECWA? Its been said before and I will say it again, ECWA is a family, everyone feeds off everyone to do the best they can, you can hold a conversation with anyone in ECWA and that is REALLY hard to find in the wrestling buisness.

What do you think about the ECWA fans? The fans are no. 1, thats why everyone in the locker room keeps coming back because the fans keep coming back month after month to cheer us on and we all want to perform for them and show them we appriciate them being there, I always look for support from them in every match and they are always there.

What have been your favorite ECWA moments? Easily the tag match with Jim Kettner against the Valedictorians was the best moment. That was awesome to see Jim busting out the board shorts!! We had a big 4 tag team scramble early in 05' that was lots of fun too.

How did the O.C. Boy Aden Chambers character come about? I had lived on the shore of the beach my whole life, so I spent alot of my time livin the beach life, wakeboarding, layin out on the sand checkin the scenery.. so I always thought why not just incorporate that into a character that I can really relate to and enhance because I already live the lifestyle, why not turn up the voltage!

What is the O.C. Boy Aden Chambers character all about? Aden Chambers is all about energy. Coming out of that curtain and getting everyone on their feet screaming pumps me up and I think that is what has contributed to my great success in ECWA, is putting that energy out there for the fans to feed off of, and likewise I feed off of the excitement they show.

Your thoughts on the current state of the wrestling business? Wrestling is going through that transitional phase it goes though every 6 or so years where people are tired of the trend at the time, the 80's was big larger than life characters and the 90's went more to a hardcore style with tables and different match types, and now I think people are tired of the hoopla that goes around wrestling and people want to see straight up wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels go in there and wrestle their butts off.

Favorite Food? Chicken and Pasta

Favorite music? I dig Queens of the Stone Age alot, I like rock stuff, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World

Favorite band/artist? Metallica

Favorite color? Blue Baby!

Favorite sports team? Depends on the sport, but im a huge UNC fan, and the Atlanta Braves.

Favorite athlete? Tiger Woods, guy is so focused on his goal's in life and always succeeds.

Favorite wrestlers? All time favorites Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Hiro Matsuda, but right now I watch alot of Chrisopher Daniels, AJ Styles and tapes from Japan, all of their stuff is just incredible.

Favorite TV shows? I dig Friends and Family Guy alot.

Favorite movies? Fight Club is awesome, but I have been known to watch Jaws alot.

Favorite actor? Christopher Walken

Favorite actress? Toss up between Michelle Rodrigez and Angelina Jolie, you can bet I park my butt in the theatre whenever they are in a movie.

What sports do you like to watch? I am hardcore into March Madness!! NCAA basketball is the best, but im a big NFL fan too, and of course wrestling.

What sports do you like to play? I play basketball almost daily, and while it may not seem it, I can golf with the best of them.

What hobbies do you have? Besides golf, im big into weight lifting and plyometric exersizes, but I have also been known to throw the bowling ball once in a while.

What do you do in your spare time? Video games, that sucks up so much more of my time than it should, but I love it, I even have a whole room in my house just for games.

What kind of work outside wrestling to you do? I manage a Golds Gym in North Carolina right now, and its a full time job let me tell you!

Who have been your biggest inspirations? My Family, they go through alot of things from all sides of life but everyone keeps a great attitude everyday no matter whats going on. Everyone keeps doin what they do and thats really inspiring to me.

What are your aspirations (professional & personal)? I love the idea of watching and learning wrestling to become one of the best, to be known as someone who is really fun to work with is one of the biggest things I aspire for and to always put on a show stealer!!