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Height: 6′

Weight: 199 lbs

Hails From: Fighting out of Total Performance Sports (TPS) of Everett, MA

Years Pro: 6

Feuds: Spike Dudley, Jason Blade, Brian Milonas

Trained By: Killer Kowalski, Mike Hollow, Al Snow, Harley Race

Style of Wrestling: Hard-hitting intensity with a mix of submission wrestling

Finishers: Project Ciampa (power-bomb into lung blower); Modified cloverleaf submission

Titles Held: TRP Heavyweight Championship; CW Heavyweight Championship and New England Championship; MWF Television Championship; OVW Tag Championship (manager); UFO Cruiserweight Championship

Federations Worked For: WWE; OVW; ROH; DG-USA; CW; ECWA; TRP; WLW; NEW; MWF; MCW; CZW

Inspirations: “All the men and women who have paved the way and allowed me to follow my childhood dreams.”

Aspirations: “Third time is the charm – win the 2011 Super 8! I would also love the opportunity to wrestle overseas.”

Work Name: Sami Callihan
Height/Weight: 5'11 - 200LBS
Hails From: "The Last House on the Left" South Jersey
Years Pro: 5
Trained by: Heartland Wrestling Association under: Cody Hawk, Les Thatcher, & Shark Boy
Style of Wrestling: HYBRID Style: Japanese Strong Style, & Submission's 
Finishers: The Stretch Muffler Submission or Running Forearm aka "A Forearm to Remember", Neck Crank Submission, Lariat 
Titles Held (including tournaments):
2010 Jeff Peterson Cup Tournament Winner
1x CZW Ironman Champion
1x WXW Germany World Tag Team Champion w/ Jon Moxley
1x JAPW Tag Team Champion w/ Chris Dickinson
1x IPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion
1x Force 1 Pro Heavyweight Champion
CZW Best of the Best 9 Tournament Finalist
2008 IWA Ted Petty Invitational Finalist
2008 IPW Super Jr. Tournament Finalist
2008 Revolution Strong Style Tournament Finalist
2008 Candido Cup Tag Tournament Finalist
2010 Shamrock Cup Tournament Finalist
Federations Worked For: Dragon Gate USA, Evolve Wrestling, CZW, RING OF HONOR, JAPW, FORCE 1 PRO, CHIKARA, WXW Germany, IPW, IWC, Luchacore, ICW, British All Star Wrestling, IWA Midsouth, IWA East Coast, and others
Inspirations: Vader, Stan Hansen, Chris Jericho, Great Muta
Aspirations: To Become the Best Wrestler.... in the World
Work Name: Adam Cole
Height/Weight: 5'11" 190 lbs.
Hails From: Panama City, FL
Years Pro: 3
Fueds: Sabian, Ryan McBride, Tyler Veritas
Trained By: DJ Hyde, Jon Dahmer
Style: American Cruiserweight with technical influences
Finishers: Panama Sunrise (top rope flipping piledriver), Coleateral (Northern Lights Bomb), Corona Kick (flying Yakuza kick)
Titles Held:
CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion (current)
WORLD-1 North American Champion (current)
EWA Crusierweight Champion
MCW Rage Champion (2 times)
WXW-C4 Ultimate Hybrid Champion
RCW Tag Team Champion w/ Devon Moore
2009 GBW Battle of Gettysburg Tournament Champion (2 day, 16 man tournament)
2010 World-1 Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup Champion
2010 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Rookie of the Year

Feds Worked For:
Ring of Honor (currently contracted) - PA
Dragon Gate USA - PA
Combat Zone Wrestling - PA
Jersey All Pro Wrestling - NJ
All Star Wrestling - England
Westside Xtreme Wrestling - Germany
World Xtreme Wrestling - FL/PA
Eastern Wrestling Alliance- MD
Maryland Championship Wrestling - MD
Tri-State Wrestling Alliance - NJ
Ground Breaking Wrestling - PA
Real Championship Wrestling - MD

Inspirations: Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle

Aspiration: First and foremost, to win the most prestigous tournament in all of wrestling, the the 15th Annual 2011Super 8 tournament. I would also love to expand my overseas experience, and continue to grow and mold myself into the wrestler I dream of becoming. Ultimately, my goal is to make a living through this sport.

Rich Swann - “THE MAC-O-RONIN”

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hails From: Baltimore, MD

Years Pro: 3

Feuds: Sami Callihan,

Trained By: Adam Flash; Trent Acid

Style of Wrestling: Lucha Libre

Finishers: Standing 450 Splash, Chicken Fried Driver, Backflip Kick

Titles Held (including tournaments):
- RCW Light Heavyweight Champion
- 2010 Jeff Peterson Cup Semi - Finalist

Federations Worked For:; Dragon Gate USA, CZW, EVOLVE Wrestling, Force 1 Pro, CHIKARA, IPW, ICW, MCW; RCW; 1CW

Inspirations: Ruckus; Trent Acid, 2 Cold Scorpio

Aspirations: "To win the Super 8 and make a living full-time in the pro wrestling business."

Shockwave the Robot

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 2,500 kilowatts

Hails From: The Electric City

Years Pro: 3

Fueds: Mecha Mummy; Great Sasuke; Mr. Ooh La La; Nicky Benz

Trained By: Max Moon; The Shockmaster

Style of Wrestling: Can download and program any wrestling style to adapt to opponent

Finishers: The Turntable; Static Shock Leg Drop; 450 Splash

Titles Held: The Intergalactic  Championship; Planet Rock Tag Team Championship (with Afrika Bambaataa)

Federations Worked For: Zero One Pro Wrestling (Japan), Hustle (Japan),  Main Stream Wrestling (Canada), Ultimate Championship Wrestling (Canada),  Apocalypse Wrestling Federation (Canada), IWA (Puerto Rico), Galaxy Wrestling Association (Neptune), Transdimensional Wrestling Federation (Mercury), Tri States Wrestling Alliance (NJ), Jersey All Pro (NJ), ECWA (DE), World of Hurt Wrestling (MA), NWA Capital (NY), TSW (Vermont), Independent Wrestling Entertainment (Maine), Rampage Pro Wrestling (GA), CWA (TN), LA Dojo (CA)....Internal Processor indicates that this website may not have the capacity to hold the rest of this information.

Inspirations: Jushin Thunder Liger, The Great Sasuke, The Blue Blazer/Owen Hart, The Hurricane, Rapmaster P.N. News, Eugene, Scotty 2 Hotty, Junk Yard Dog, Repo Man, The Yeti, Mantuar, Man Mountain Rock, The Ding Dongs, Arachnaman, Phantasio & Iron Mike Sharpe

Aspirations: "To be the first and only Robot to win the 2011 Super 8 tournament and dance in celebration with one lucky fan!  To continue my travels while on planet earth and be funky fresh."

Bobby Shields

AKA: Robere Shields, M Robert Shields

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 202 lbs

Hails From: Philadelphia, PA

Years Pro: 8

Feuds: John Kermon, Hyjinx, Colin Delaney, Dash Bennet, Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, Marion Fontaine, West Coast Hustlas, Jackpot Jimmy Jessup

Trained By: HC Loc, Dunn & Marcos “The Ring Crew Express”

Style of Wrestling: Jr. Heavyweight

Finishers: 450 Splash, Reverse DDT to Mitchinoku Driver

Titles Held: KCW Tag Championship (2X), KCW Cruiserweight Championship (3X), PWX: NWA East 3 Rivers Championship, WWWA/SWO US Championship, APWF Cruiserweight Championship, APWF Throwback Championship, PWO Tag Team Championship, World-1 Tag Championship

Federations Worked For: ROH, WWE, ECWA, KCW, SPW, APWF, NEPW, NWA East, RPW, ACPW, BCW, BDW, BDW, CCW, NWA Upstate, NFW, CWA, TLW, NEPW, 3WA, BWA, NWA New Jersey, MDW, CWF, CPW, SWF, IPW, BWO, GSCW, WWA, KYDA, PCW, AWE, XWE, PCWA, FNW, VCW, PWO, WVWA, NWA Anarchy, 304 Wrestling, SWA, EWA, SWO, IPE, MCW, WWWA, NWA Fusion, OTW, DTW, TWA, 2CW, NAW, World-1

Inspirations: Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, Colin Delaney

Aspirations: “My short-term goal is to wrestle internationally. Long term I would like to make a living wrestling. Every time I step foot in the ring, I’m living my dream of being a pro wrestler.”

Shiima Xion

Work Name: Shiima Xion

AKA: “The Filipino Flex Factory”

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hails From: Manilla, Philippines

Years Pro: 6

Feuds: Super Hentai, Johnny Gargano, Extreme Tiger, Jimmy Demarco

Trained By: Super Hentai and Shirley Doe, Gran Apache (Mexico), Rey Cuervo (Mexico)

Style of Wrestling: All styles

Finishers: Filipino Face Lock (crossface submission), Down on Bended Knee (backflip facebuster), Superkick

Titles Held: IWC Heavyweight Title (2x), IWC Super Indy Title, IWC Tag Title (2x), AIW Intense Title, RCW Cruiserweight Title


Inspirations: “My mother. She was a mail-order bride from the Philippines who has raised three children on her own. She’s the strongest person I know. Also, my pain is an inspiration. I’m motivated by my failures, short-comings, and especially my critics both in wrestling and in life. I don’t just want to prove them all wrong. But I want to prove myself right. I try to see every setback as a setup for a comeback, so if I have a bad match or don’t impress the right people….I work twice as hard in the ring and in the gym to prepare for the next opportunity.”

Aspirations: “I want to be one of those lucky few that earn a contract and actually make a decent living solely from professional wrestling. I want to graduate from college and find a good job. Most of all, I just want to make my family proud. They still try to believe in me, despite everyone else I know losing faith and writing me off as a failure. I want to be able to give back to my family in some way that truly says ” thank you” for all the years of giving they have done for me.”


AKA: Austin Starr

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 202 lbs

Hails From: Milwaukee , Wisconsin

Years Pro: 11

Feuds: Roderick Strong, Samoa Joe, Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Jacobs

Trained by: Eddie Sharkey, Terry Fox

Style of Wrestling: Fast-paced, high risk, cruiser/junior



- Powerdrive Elbow

- 450° splash

- Brainbuster

- Horns of Aries / Last Chancery


Titles Held:

- Mid-American Wrestling (MAW) Junior Heavyweight Championship

- Midwest Championship Wrestling (MWCW) Light Heavyweight Championship

- Midwest Independent Association of Wrestling (MIAW) Cruiserweight Championship

- Minnesota Independent Wrestling (MIW) Cruiserweight Championship

- NWA Midwest X Division Championship

- Neo Pro Wrestling (NPW) Cruiserweight Championship

- NPW Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

- Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) ranked #25 of the best 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2010

- Pro Wrestling WAR (PWW) Heavyweight Championship

- Ring of Honor (ROH) World Championship (2 times)

- ROH World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Roderick Strong

- Steel Domain Wrestling (SDW) Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with "The Piston" Ted Dixon


Inspirations: Dynamite Kid, The Great Muta, Jerry Lynn, Cactus Jack, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Austin Idol


Aspirations: "While I am currently re-evaluating my career, one of my immediate goals is of course to win the ECWA Super 8 Tournament and trophy, something that eluded me in 2004's tournament.”

15th Annual ECWA SUPER 8 Participants

#1- Tommaso Ciampa

#2- "New Horror" Sami Callihan

#3- Adam Cole

#4- SHOCKWAVE the Robot

#5- Rich Swann

#6- "Beautiful" Bobby Shields

#7- Shiima Xion


Guest Hostess Original WWE Diva and 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee SUNNY!!!

- BONUS Non-Tournament Match #1:


the very first Super 8 Champion ACE DARLING vs.

2008 Super 8 Champion ADEN CHAMBERS

- BONUS Non-Tournament Match #2:


ECWA Champion "Greek God" Papadon, ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Chris Wylde and "Team